Ultimate “In The Green Room”

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You’ll Get:

  • This is the chance to enter Anikiko’s “Green Room” and work one on one with the artist and transformational mind/body specialist.
  • Create a custom track for you, with the specific vibrations, frequencies, affirmations, sounds and vibrational and coaching support tailored to your intended outcome.
  • 6 Sounds Of Solace Music Nutrition Tracks ( Each track includes 15, 30 and 70 min meditational music)
  • Cheat Sheet on How to Shift Your State, Vibration and Energy Easily
  • 6 Transformational Workbooks that help you unpack + move through what each CD address
  • BONUS: 8 Live Transformational Processes Recordings
  • FREE: Access to Sleep Easy Track
  • Mystery Bonus and Instant Access
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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Below are the tracks included in the 8 Live Transformational Processes Recordings.


Deep Unshakeable Trust Live
This transformation is a process to recognize that your body, your being ALWAYS has the truth within. Work the muscle of self-trust and the choices or what your intuitive self when always communicating to you in terms of breath, sensation and awareness would choose.

This process is all about trusting your biology and your gut-brain as it has so much to offer you on more levels than you currently allow yourself to acknowledge. Sometimes emotions, love or affection for someone can influence what your heart knows and does not want to accept a situation or person.

Perfect for: break-ups, relationship sagas, performance anxiety, self-doubt, second-guessing, talking yourself out fo your feelings, being “nice” and not real, niggling fears, when you are being lied to and your intuition is picking up on something “not quite right”

Music bed: Sounds of Ancient Stillness Volume 10

I Am Enough Live
This transformation is a process to recognise you are more than enough just as you are. So much stress and anxiety comes from the feeling or belief that you are not enough as you are, that there is not enough and that you are in competition for resources, money, attention, affection, love or fulfillment, or that you did not do or give enough.

This is a rare moment to truly register and recognise that the thoughts, doubts that chase you about whether you gave enough, were enough or worried about not giving enough are not truly yours. They are layer of expectations, beliefs, should of others. They can even be the shame or guilt someone else has projected onto you.

This is an opportunity to let go of pleasing others, competing with others and to know that you have and will always have more than you need within and around you simply because you are here and breathing. Just because you breathe you have and are more than enough.

Perfect for: giving too much, never feeling like you have given enough, feeling like you have to give back with interest when you receive, deflecting compliments, resentful about not getting needs met, being demanding in relationships or the opposite – being a loving doormat.

Music bed: Sounds of Source Volume 1

Power down in 10 Live
Power down track when you know you only have ten minutes to go deep and relax. Use this before falling asleep or during a lunch break to meet your nervous system and give your body a chance to recharge and revitalize.

Music Bed: Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7

I Create Solutions. I Am Solution Focused.
This transformation is about creating a force field of energy that is all about building bridges, crossing them and being the only solution focused. Orientating your body mind and spirit to be a razor sharp focus and only magnetic to solutions in life. Letting go of shopping around for so many solutions or quick fixes, only amount more evidence that you keep having more problems and not actually solving the core issue. Use this transformation to create results, reprogram, rewire and reset your entire being for amazing results.

No negotiating maybes or trying this or that, you now ARE solution focused and moving on!

Music Bed: Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7

Overcoming Overwhelm
This transformation is about overcoming overwhelm. This is about letting go of needing to fix anything at all. Just allow transformation of overwhelming to occur as a by-product of this process. An opportunity to surrender everything you have been holding, everything you have been challenged by and even the need to get things right. Allowing residual stress to fall away. Connect to your belly breath. Let go of needing to be there for everyone else and all the responsibility you feel.

Perfect for: seeing problems everywhere, the need to fix everything, unable to walk away from something that is undone, distraction by irrelevant details, worried about what others think of you, panic attacks, tightness in the chest, lung and breath problems.

Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11

Deep Acceptance Live
This transformation is for those who truly need to recuperate and let go on every level for a deep deep sleep. To allow the body to rest is a process of letting go and surrendering all to the unconscious body and mind. Allow the vibrations in this track to lull you away into slumber with the beneficial messages of trusting your body and trusting life, trusting your breath and creating awareness about where your body holds tension and stress.

Get instant relief now by engaging in a relaxed dialogue with your body, accepting it as it is and feels and letting go of your minds attachment and judgment of what is happening.

This is perfect for falling asleep to and allowing your body and mind to let go of all that does not serve you anymore.

Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11
Letting Go Of Anxiety and Depression Live

This transformation is for those who feel the ups of manic emotions and states. Acknowledging the parts of you that don’t have the energy to keep going or want to give up. For when overwhelmed and you feel like there is no space to breathe. Find biological peace in body, mind and spirit. Allow your heartbeat to find balance and take the edge off those relentless thoughts that don’t seem to leave you alone.

You are invited to let this recording serve you at the deepest level possible and disengage the need to fix you, fix the problem and just disconnect with the outside world and connect with you and your inner world on the levels that matter.

Get instant relief now.

Perfect for: erratic behavior, mood swings, paranoia, worried about what others think of you, panic attacks, tightness in the chest, lung and breath problems.

Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11

Turn Up The Volume of Your Inner Voice Live
This transformation is a process to turn down the volume on the negative, critical voice that can sometimes override your thinking. The outer voice of what everyone else thinks can be so debilitating. Sometimes it’s the voice that is a younger self that always puts you down. Are you ready to turn up the volume on your inner voice and make it your not negotiable truth?

Music bed: Sounds of Ancient Stillness Volume 10

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