Top 5 Mistakes That People Make When Trying To Heal


  • This audio Ebook is custom-made for Sydney Kinesiology under Music Nutrition designed for you to experience unprecedented change in an area most important to you and that you use every challenge as an opportunity for transformation, deeper connection, growth, love and have fun along the way.Many people struggle to find a clear path or navigation system when inside the chaos of change or difficult times in health, relationships or business.
  • This audio eBook explores the five core areas where the challenges to healing are presented and where clarity can be restored by navigating through these challenges and working with the opportunities they present.
  • The audio version consists of the following:Chapter 1: Confusion & Unclear Direction
    Chapter 2: Little Awareness of Current Situation
    Chapter 3: Cannot Receive
    Chapter 4: Using Ineffective Tools or Systems
    Chapter 5: Unfinished Business: No Action & No ResultIt also includes workbooks in which you can answer, participate and apply some of the helpful tools mentioned in each chapter.Please download within 5 days of purchase*