Success, Focus and Manifestation


This bundle is designed to help you strengthen your focus and achieve your goals. Below are the tracks included in this bundle.

Track 1: Surrender Into The Unknown, Create Impact and Play A Bigger Game
This transformation is a process to surrender into the vision, the impact and the bigger game you were born to live. Let go of small thinking and be, know and have the feelings in you that are made to have impact in this world.

Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11

Track 2: Manifest With Ease Meditation

Track 3: Access Inner Radiance Even When Spiraling Out Of Control
This transformation is about disengaging the need to control and surrendering deep into a whole new space now.

Healing an aspect of you that is crying out for some attention through the anxiety that you may feel.

Perfect for: doing too many things at the same time, not finishing tasks, split between too many directions, confusion, fast-paced behaviour and rushing, feeling like you are managing a daycare centre when it comes to responsibility, juggling.

Music Bed: Sounds Of Source Volume 1.

Track 4: I Create Solutions. I Am Solution Focused
This transformation is about creating a force field of energy that is all about building bridges, crossing them and being only solution focused. Orientating your body mind and spirit to be razor sharp focus and only magnetic to solutions in life. Letting go of shopping around for so many solutions or quick fixes, only amount more evidence that you keep having more problems and not actually solving the core issue. Use this transformation to create results, reprogram, rewire and reset your entire being for amazing results.

No negotiating maybes or trying this or that, you now ARE solution focused and moving on!

Music Bed: Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7

Track 5: Ditching Difficulty and Step Into the Path of Least Resistance
This transformation is about letting go of the heavy difficulty and stepping into the path of least resistance.

Let go of having to “fix” everything. Perhaps you have been in the pattern of “pushing” to make things happen. Moving into ultimate solutions. Trust that you are not in avoidance or sabotage. You are simply ready for EASE to come through. Receive the benefits of all the hard work you have done and let all fall into place.

Music Bed: Sounds Of Transformation Volume 7

Track 6: My Future Self and Ultimate Vision
This transformation is about connecting and becoming one with your ultimate future self. Integrating that future self that excites you, that inspires you and that propels you into walking, talking and being that future self in your now moment and everyday life.

This is not a mental exercise of imagining what you want but is a “receiving your future vision”, going to the vision beyond your current minds projection of what you want.

We often can only see and think inside our current circumstances. We often create from this space without imagining beyond. This process goes so much further than the habit of what you normally visualise and imagine for yourself.

Call forth your future self. Meet your future you and fall in love with how far you allow yourself to expand into the beauty of life, living in the vision beyond the vision!

Music bed: Sounds of Surrender Volume 11

Track 7: Choosing What Works and Letting Go Of What Does Not
This transformation is about disengaging that which no longer works for you. Moving and transitioning from what was

Uplift and up level what really works for you. Get real and honest about what no longer serves the person you choose to be in actions, feelings and behaviour and through this process, as simple as that, ditch it!

Music bed: Sounds of Receiving Volume 3

Track 8: Stepping Into REAL Strength and Leaning Into Vulnerability
Weakness to Wealth. When transforming the parts of you that you most want to hide from the world, there is often a source of such wealth of energy, abundance and even financial prosperity. This transformation is about admitting to yourself where you hide in heroic and stoic strength. Perhaps there are times where keeping face is more important than being honest with yourself and others about what is really going on. Such is the case with high profile people as well as those “keeping it together” for family, children, staff or organisations.

Use this transformation to safely allow yourself your vulnerable moments, parts of you that you have suppressed. Transform those parts of you running a story that things are ok when in fact they are quite the opposite. You may just be hanging in there. Having you been lying to yourself or others?

Resolve, dissolve, embrace and integrate the vulnerable parts and tap into your ancient wisdom that will always keep you safe.

Music bed: Sounds of Ancient Stillness Volume 10



About our healing tracks:

Our tracks are all digital products. The Guided Meditation tracks are available in single tracks and also included as part of the Enhanced Programs and Bundles. These Guided recordings are live and unscripted with audio quality that is not a studio quality. Keep in mind that it’s the content that will be at most benefits for you not the quality of the recording. This LIVE recording was made during the facilitated process of groups and individuals. We only focus on great content.

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