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Instant Results! Ditch Negative Self Talk, Amplify What’s Good and What Works

This transformation is about taking the focus away from unwanted thoughts and directing all your energy-conscious and unconscious toward creating 

Remember where your brain and mind go, your body follows. I learned this early in my life during about 10 years of which I rode motorbikes. It was never more obvious than when riding a motorbike.

Go to the part of your body that is lit up by where the old unwanted thoughts live, go in and allow the most beneficial thoughts, feelings and transformations to occur naturally. This is what your body is always doing when you give it permission to do so.

Unlock the wisdom within you and give a green light to ONLY focusing on the GOOD feelings you want to multiply through your body and your life and just watch what unfolds around you.

Bring your three brains and powerhouse centres together with this track – head brain, gut-brain and heart-brain.

This 20 min transformation is one of my most powerful because of the combination of frequencies of two sounds of solace music beds. 

Amplify only that which works, that which brings you results in the direction you want to grow.

Stop fixing and just start creating more of what you want, you will be so busy with all that’s good you won’t have time to focus on old issues.

One year from now consistently focusing on this transformation, in fact using this track for just seven days will already bring you results.

We have had results from one listen! 

You ARE so good at focusing on the great and on what works. Everything ALWAYS works out for me is your new mantra.

This track is LOADED with only the most empowering suggestions only your deepest self that wants to be happiest, most at peace and living the best version of yourself will accept.

The best thing is, its so easy to let this one in.

May you feel as uplifted and transformed as those who have used it so far.

Perfect for: losing focus on what’s important, problem solving, always trying to fix what’s “wrong”, not knowing what to focus on, needing a distraction from the negative persistent thoughts, deep desire for improving your conditions and lifestyle yet feeling of an old self or old thoughts or patterns holding you back.

Music bed: Sounds of Fulfilment Volume 4 AND Sounds of Source Volume 1 (combining frequencies of feeling safe and connected whilst creating fulfilment.

Deep Level Transformation of Any Issue or Block

You are ALWAYS your greatest healer.

This is an opportunity to access deep ancient wisdom, connect your creation centres of belly breath, gut instinct, heart and inner intuitive soul wisdom to go in a completely transform ANY issue, block, experience or stuckness in your body or life.

WARNING! This is a DEEP level transformation as with all the guided sessions available on music nutrition! Are you ready to shift it?

This transformation sets up an automated process to keep shifting and transforming any tuck experiences or emotions. Truly creating a new level and meaning of freedom when you are no longer burdened by carrying the blocks in your body and vibrational field.

You are invited to definitely take transformative action within 24-48 hours of listening to truly maximise results.

Perfect For: Stubborn issues or feeling you haven’t been able to shift. Wonderful for sleeping and creating peace in your rest zone for the troubles our unconscious mind tries to equilibrate during sleep can affect our deep level of recuperation.

Music Bed: Sounds Of Source Volume 1.