Reclaim, Refill and Refuel You


This transformation is all about recalling and reclaiming your radiant self back into your body and your life and tapping into your authentic “no” now. Just as the title says, reclaim, refill and refuel you.

So much energy and recuperation are lost to holding up obligations, facades and not listening to your authentic “no”.

This is a great transformation before bedtime to allow deep healing to happen while you sleep.

Sometimes you have given far too much and outreached for far too long that you don’t even know what you want.

If someone is going to ask you, you might just recognise that you have been putting out fires and just forgotten about refilling you.

There are parts of you that have been agreeable to everyone else and putting them first. Let go of the projected self and acting in accordance with everyone else projections or expectations.

Giving voice and space to the part of you that authentically knows your boundaries so that you can reconnect to your authentic “no”. Not the guilty, “feeling” bad because you can do everything for everyone else but the part of you that is going to feel genuinely clear and empowered to say no and give back to you.

What did you agree to and betray in yourself “just to keep the pace”, to say safe, or to stay the “good” person or “do the right thing”?

This is not a mental exercise but a deep healing to allow your body, mind and spirit to get your energy back and let go of the old parts of you. Just notice the effortless way you transform now.

Perfect for: family drama, toxic friends, toxic relationships, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, burn out, anxious actions, frantic behaviour, communication, people who drain you.

Music Bed: Sounds of Transformation Volume 7



About our healing tracks:

Our tracks are all digital products. The Guided Meditation tracks are available in single tracks and also included as part of the Enhanced Programs and Bundles. These Guided recordings are live and unscripted with audio quality that is not a studio quality. Keep in mind that it’s the content that will be at most benefits for you not the quality of the recording. This LIVE recording was made during the facilitated process of groups and individuals. We only focus on great content.

Pure meditation sounds which are available in different volumes are all under the Sounds Of Solace Music Nutrition. Each track includes 15, 30 and 70 min meditational music. These volumes are available on our shop page under the program category. * Prices are in USD.

Enjoy 2 convenient ways to hear your meditations on your favorite devices which can be through:

  • Soundcloud: It allows you to listen to the audio meditations in ‘Real-Time’ via a continuous internet connection, rather than downloading files to your computer or mobile device.
  • Dropbox: You can download the entire zip file by choosing the dropbox link that we will send to you after the purchase.

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