Receive and Design your Destiny


This transformation is about allowing the unfolding of your destiny, to release all blocks or resistance from you being aligned and in line with your destiny. Trust life, your journey, that which is in front of you as an invitation to co-create your destiny. One that only you can fulfill.

If you have found yourself ever wondering if there is more to life, more joy or passion to live, or if you have ever been a little lost or not quite fulfilled, then this track can support you to get that back.

This transformation will assist you in surrounding yourself with and surrendering into that which only you were designed to fulfill. Remove doubt and anxiety about your future now. Perhaps you have even been dreaming big and wonder “how” you can create all that ou dream about.

Free yourself from the past, from generational blocks and as you take this transformation into your cells and nervous system, you will not just free yourself, you can release survival and doubt from the ancestors, generations as well as future self and the future generations.

Listen and hear again that little voice, that niggles, directs and invites you toward the perfect next step.
I recorded this transformation to give myself permission to expand even more into that which I have not yet imagined. As I think back to times when I was overwhelmed by challenge or stuck or questioned if I had to go through such difficult lessons, I wish I had a track like this to help me through. Now you have this track and I cannot wait to hear your feedback.

This track will give you relief and tap into that playful side of life, where your innocence and joy live.

My intention for you is to be free to receive and live your designed and destined path and to welcome it with open arms!

Perfect for: feelings of depression, post break up, questioning your path, career change, divorce or separation, loss, feel as though you have settled for “just ok”, wondering if there is “more to life than this”.

Music bed: Sounds of Celebration Volume 2