Enhanced Healing and Transformation

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We all experience grief, failure, and depression in our career, relationships, and personal lives. However, this shouldn’t hold you back to attain your goals in life. You should keep moving to keep going! A brighter, happier future lies in the future so whenever you fall and feel down, learn to stand up, heal, and transform into someone you’ve been wanting to become.

With Music Nutrition’s Enhanced Healing and Transformation program, you will have full access to tracks that can help harness your mind’s power to heal and transform so you can continue on your journey. With workbooks included in the package, you will be able to work to awaken your mind’s power so you will be able to restore your energy and live a balanced, fulfilled life.

Release all the painful energies such as anger, hate, fear, and guilt and replaced them with positive vibrations with Music Nutrition’s Enhanced Healing and Transformation program. It isn’t too late to feel empowered and embrace acceptance for you to be able to live a peaceful, joyful life.

Let peace and hope start with yourself so you can spread it throughout the world. Download your own copy now!


Here’s what you will get on this program:

  • Access tracks to help you on your journey and workbooks that help you access your healing and transformation.
  • 6 Sounds Of Solace Music Nutrition Tracks ( Each track includes 15, 30 and 70 min meditational music)
  • Cheat Sheet on How to Shift Your State, Vibration and Energy Easily
  • 8 Live Transformational Processes Recordings
  • 6 Transformational Workbooks that help you unpack + move through what each CD address
  • Access to Letting of Anxiety and Stress Guided Meditation Tracks
  • Mystery Bonus


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