Deep Unshakeable Trust

Note: This track is included in the Music Nutrition All-Access Membership.

This transformation is a process to recognise that your body, your being ALWAYS has the truth within. Work the muscle of self-trust and the choices or what your intuitive self when always communicating to you in terms of breath, sensation and awareness would choose.

This process is all about trusting your biology and your gut-brain as it has so much to offer you on more levels than you currently allow yourself to acknowledge. Sometimes emotions, love or affection for someone can influence what your heart knows and does not want to accept about a situation or person.

Perfect for: break-ups, relationship sagas, performance anxiety, self-doubt, second-guessing, talking yourself out fo your feelings, being “nice” and not real, niggling fears, when you are being lied to and your intuition is picking up on something “not quite right”

Music bed: Sounds of Ancient Stillness Volume 10