Deep Level Transformation of Any Issue or Block


You are ALWAYS your greatest healer.

This is an opportunity to access deep ancient wisdom, connect your creation centres of belly breath, gut instinct, heart and inner intuitive soul wisdom to go in a completely transform ANY issue, block, experience or stuckness in your body or life.

WARNING! This is a DEEP level transformation as with all the guided sessions available on music nutrition! Are you ready to shift it?

This transformation sets up an automated process to keep shifting and transforming any stuck experiences or emotions. Truly creating a new level and meaning of freedom when you are no longer burdened by carrying the blocks in your body and vibrational field.

You are invited to definitely take transformative action within 24-48 hours of listening to truly maximise results.

Perfect For: Stubborn issues or feeling you haven’t been able to shift. Wonderful for sleeping and creating peace in your rest zone for the troubles our unconscious mind tries to equilibrate during sleep can affect our deep level of recuperation.

Music Bed: Sounds Of Source Volume 1.