Break Up With Your Parents and Claim Your Life Now

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This transformation is about letting go of toxic relationships with parents and evolving your self-image beyond the old image of you as your parents may have seen or expected you to be.

This has been so powerful for many clients because even at 50 years old, clients face the biggest challenges in letting old aspects go to set up the next level of success or fulfilment in business or life. Let go and graduate from the image of what your parents may have wanted for you and step into being your fully claimed self-image as an adult and who you chose to be. Build on the best aspects of your genetics and let go of the parts that hold you back. It’s very hard to move beyond the old self-image when you are constantly defending yourself from who you are not and who your parents want you to be or wanted you to be.

Break up with family rules and even generations of rules or traditions or patterns that are redundant.

This is such a powerful process and the transformation will support you to connect a soul level and dialogue with those aspects, create healthy boundaries, ditch the guilt of whatever you are not being and step into a freedom of self.

Perfect for: challenging family dynamics, highly reactive parent and family communication, expectations there a place on you, co-dependent parent/child relationships, co-dependent personal relationships, constantly living to make parents happy, when your relationship with mother or father is interfering with your marriage or spouse.

Music bed: Sounds of Receiving Volume 3

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