Single Product

Letting Go Of Anxiety And Stress

This transformation is all about all about receiving nourishment from more sources than you can imagine. Sometimes we limit our receptive ability and make rules or have expectations about where our income, energy and other important resources come from.

  • Ditch the rules on how you receive. Let go of the monitoring of exactly how it is supposed to come in and imagine that the very breath you breathe and the actions you take actually nourish you on the deepest value.
  • Exchange value on a whole new level and letting go of all the “over-giving” and not getting back patterns.
  • Transform your output to give you ten fold return.
  • Can yo be curious and allow multiple sources of nourishment in your life in new and unexpected ways.

Connecting to who you are, your body and letting go of not knowing your purpose. Reconnect to your purpose with this transformation.