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Having trouble sleeping? Get enough sleep at the right time is essential to protect your mental and physical health from harmful factors that could lead to various high-risk diseases such as heart attack, kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke.  Sleep is known to repair and heal your blood vessels so it is extremely important to have an easy, quality sleep at all times.

Unfortunately, not all of us can sleep with ease. If you are one of those who is having trouble sleeping, try the Sleep Easy Guided Meditation program by Music Nutrition.

This Sleep Easy audio program by Anikiko has been designed with the guided imagery of calming, soothing and healing concepts that help one balance the unconscious emotions of stress the physical body carries. It also uses brain wave technology, biorhythm entrainment and the soothing power of gentle flowing human vocals weaving in and out of the waves of the music

Truly unique in its technology and symphony of science, sound, artistry and powerful imagery this audio program will help the toughest of sleep problems you have.

Let Sleep Easy Meditation Tracks guide you through every step of the way to relax your whole body and mind by getting enough, quality sleep!

All of the music soundtracks use embedded frequencies for brain entertainment. They also apply ancient Solfeggio tones and harmonics in the human voice which enhance the message, power and your body’s ability to achieve relaxation and easier sleep towards a happy, productive life.

Sleep Easy – Guided Meditation

1. Activating The Relaxation Response 5.38
2. Sleep Hygiene Checklist 3.58
3. Guided Sleep Meditation 1
Leave It All Behind: 23.11
Part 1 – Letting Go of The Day
Part 2 – 10 Breaths To Sleep Easy
Part 3 – Appreciating Your Body
4. Guided Sleep Meditation 2
Warm Golden Presence Imagery 20.00
5. About Anikiko 1.37



About our healing tracks:

Our tracks are all digital products. The Guided Meditation tracks are available in single tracks and also included as part of the Enhanced Programs and Bundles. These Guided recordings are live and unscripted with audio quality that is not a studio quality. Keep in mind that it’s the content that will be at most benefits for you not the quality of the recording. This LIVE recording was made during the facilitated process of groups and individuals. We only focus on great content.

Pure meditation sounds which are available in different volumes are all under the Sounds Of Solace Music Nutrition. Each track includes 15, 30 and 70 min meditational music. These volumes are available on our shop page under the program category. * Prices are in USD.

Enjoy 2 convenient ways to hear your meditations on your favorite devices which can be through:

  • Soundcloud: It allows you to listen to the audio meditations in ‘Real-Time’ via a continuous internet connection, rather than downloading files to your computer or mobile device.
  • Dropbox: You can download the entire zip file by choosing the dropbox link that we will send to you after the purchase.

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