Letting Go of Anxiety and Stress


Are you having a hard time coping with stress? Have you been so anxious lately? It’s time to let go of these two toxic things with the help of Music Nutrition’s Letting Go of Anxiety and Stress!

Letting Go Of Anxiety and Stress contains 5 tracks that are guided and very practical in helping you apply techniques in everyday situations both managing and preventing stress. Some tools are progressive music relaxation and specific breathing tools. Track 3 use specific imagery to help surrender into peace and let stress go whilst track 5 features Anikiko’s special guided Smiling Heart Meditation which is known to reduce the toxic effects of stress almost instantly.

All the music soundtracks use embedded frequencies for brain entrainment and use the ancient Solfeggio tones and harmonics in the human voice. This enhances the message, power and your bodies ability to release stress and anxiety and replace it with happiness and contentment.

Don’t let anger, depression, and sadness affect your physical health! Get out of the dark days!  Peace and contentment begins with you when you start Letting Go of Anxiety and Stress!

Letting Go of Anxiety and Stress – Guided Meditation

1. Getting Ready For Release 6.30
2. Acknowledging and Understanding Anxiety 5.36
3. Letting Go & Letting Flow Guided Meditation 15.37
4. Managing Anxiety & Releasing Tension 7x7x7 4.28
5. Managing Anxiety – Equal Breathing 2.53
6. Managing Anxiety – Belly Breathing 2.35
7. Managing Anxiety – Progressive Muscle Relaxation with Variation 4.38
8. Anikiko’s Smiling Heart Meditation 11.16

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